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Whether you need a watch or a clock repaired, choose Moren Inc. of Silver Spring, MD, to take care of it for you. Our large inventory is equipped with modern and antique parts to repair any watch or clock you might have.


You can trust in our 86 years of experience to repair your devices on time and with perfection.

Comprehensive watch repair services

Complete overhaul: When you come to us for a complete watch overhaul, you can relax knowing you'll get what you want. Unlike other repair shops, our experts will completely disassemble your watch before it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner. This enables us to assess and completely remove oil and dirt from the parts of your watch. We will clean, repair, and replace old parts and then assemble and lubricate your watch with Mobius Swiss lubricants. The next step involves time calibration after which we will clean the watch's case and band. Next, we will change the gaskets and use silicon to seal all penetration points to keep moisture and debris out. You will get a 1-year warranty on our overhaul services.


Battery installation: We stock and distribute all silver oxide and lithium batteries, including capacitors for kinetic watches.


Crystal replacement: You can rely on us to replace the missing crystals on your modern or vintage watch. We carry thousands of glass and plastic crystals and can even custom cut crystal for you if it is not available.


Dial refinishing: Has time, moisture, or UV light taken a toll on your favorite watch? Bring it to us and be amazed at how we will restore your worn-out watch to its former glory. You can rely on us to refinish both antique and modern dials.


Custom logos: Choose us to customize your existing dial or supply watches and dials to promote the name or message of your company or organization.


Case and band restoration: Whether you want polishing done or you want to repair the hinge of a pocket watch, our skilled jewelers are well equipped to do it for you. You can rely on us to work with your gold-filled, silver, solid-gold, and platinum watches.


Laser welding: Our state-of the-art laser welder allows us to do micro welds on base metals, stainless steel, and other non-precious metals. You can count on us to repair bands, cases, gears, and other mechanical parts of watch and clock movements that were previously not repairable.

Complete clock repair services

Complete overhaul: Our experts will use comprehensive methods to get your work done, when you come for complete clock overhaul services at Moren Inc. This overhaul requires complete disassembly before ultrasonic cleaning. Mechanical clock's hard metal pinions are made out of steel that turn in the mane plates made out of brass. The clock’s soft brass plates might go out of shape because of oil and dirt mixture at the end of the steel pinions. After proper cleaning, installation of bushings, and gear alignment, lubrication with Mobius Swiss lubricants is done. At this point, cases are made and cleaning and oiling are also done. Installation of movement back into its case for proper time keeping is done in the end.


Glass replacement: You can find flat and convex glass as well as glass domes for anniversary clocks with us. If your clock has damaged glass site panels, you can have custom replacement pieces fabricated from us.


Dial and transfer restoration: If your old dial is in rough shape we can usually refinish it. You will also get many aesthetically pleasing replacement dials with us, as clock dials use many different materials and repair is not always an option. When you need reproduction transfer for antique clocks that had ornate artwork on the site glass, visit us to get it duplicated.


Case repair: Get premium case repair services with us. Contact us when you need polishing or plating services for brass finish clocks. If your old clock has a damaged finish or if its decorative hardware or trim is missing, you will find some or the other solution from us.

Visit us for exceptional clock repair and other services

Visit us at 8241 Georgia Ave Ste 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910 or call us at 301-588-5548 today. Browse through our website for more information about jewelry, clocks, or tools and equipment.

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