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Prompt and Professional service and restoration for 3 generations since 1930

Maintain the shine and beauty of your jewelry

From soldering a broken chain to restoring a vintage piece of jewelry, Moren Inc. can do it all. We have been providing complete jewelry repair services of the highest quality since 1930.


You can rely on our 86 years of experience and knowledge for reliable and affordable gold, silver, and platinum jewelry repairs and designing services. All the jewelry pieces that you bring in for repair will be completely inspected for wear and metal integrity before we start repairing them.


After the repairs, the jewelry pieces are thoroughly cleaned and polished.

Services to keep your jewelry pieces well maintained

Cosmetic restoration: Has your jewelry lost its sparkle and shine? Constant exposure to chemicals and abrasion can dull the finish of your jewelry. Cleaning is one of the important steps in maintaining the finish and appearance of your jewelry. But it is of no help if the damage has already been done. The beauty and shine of your jewelry can only be returned through specialized polishing. Bring your worn-out jewelry to us today. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will polish its finish and perform ultrasonic cleaning to make your dull piece of jewelry shine again.


Custom casting and design: Do you have a jewelry design idea in your mind? Tell us about your dream jewelry piece and we will create it for you. We can also place your logo into a promotional piece of jewelry. You can always rely on our experienced designers to transform your ideas into a reality. Bring your ideas to us in the form of a sketch, photo, or sample and we will design it for you.


Gemstone matching and repair: Do not lose hope or discard your favorite piece of jewelry just because it has a lost or damaged stone. Bring them to us. Through our wide network of gem suppliers, we will match your lost or damaged precious or semi-precious stone with great care. Some stones may come with a warrantied repair service. Our designers will be more than happy to explore this option for you.


Laser welding: In the past, stainless steel and base metal items could not be repaired. But now, it is possible. Moren Inc. offers state-of-the-art laser welding services for such jewelry pieces. Laser welding can form permanent welds without any usage of a jeweler's torch. Fragile antique jewelry, costume jewelry, military and fraternal badges and pins, watch bracelets and cases, eyeglass frames, and watch, and clock parts can be repaired easily now as the heat generated from the torch is no longer an issue.

Why choose Moren Inc.?

  • 86 years of experience

  • Family owned and operated

  • Quality jewelry repairs and restorations

  • A 1-year warranty on all repairs

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